The piano that changed everything.

CLP Series

CSP Series

CVP Series

The new Clavinova piano is unique in that it’s not quite a digital piano or keyboard, but not quite a hybrid either. What it produces though is the high-quality sound of an acoustic piano while possessing many functions a digital version has. Exclusively created by Yamaha, a brand known for the high standard it sets in the piano market, the new Clavinova piano offers a swath of features in addition to great sound and feel. Firstly, it can save and load songs similar to that of a digital piano while still possessing pedals that function as a conventional piano would. In some models it can even be connected to a computer for interactive music lessons. New Clavinova pianos are one of the best beginner pianos to learn on, since they can be more affordable options, but still possess unmatched sound for their price point.

Clavinova CLP Series

Play with the voice of the CFX, the finest Yamaha concert grand piano. Newly developed GrandTouch keys offer responsive touch and dynamic range. The piano body looks and resonates like an acoustic piano.

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The grand piano-like feel gives you total control over the finest points of your performance style.

Clavinova CSP

Revolutionary, app-driven smart piano that teaches you to play. Stream Lights move towards each key, showing you which notes to play and when. Enjoy simple, intuitive operation from your smart device with the Smart Pianist app.

For Whom?


With descending Stream Lights that show which keys to play next, anyone can master their favorite songs and have fun doing it.

Clavinova CVP Series

Easy and convenient touch panel LCD screen makes using features easy and intuitive. Perform with comprehensive karaoke and other vocal functions. Impressive collection of natural instrument Voices, from saxophones to guitars and strings.

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One instrument is all you need for everything from gorgeous ensemble performances to karaoke.

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