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Solich Piano is the fastest-growing piano company in the Midwest. We started in Boardman Ohio 15 years ago and have since grown to having three locations serving the Boardman-Youngstown, Cleveland as well as Columbus markets.

For Yamaha pianos, we service much of the state of Ohio both in the private sector as well as in the institutional sector. We have a litany of different pianos that are on one hand from strictly acoustic pianos to a variety of different types of digital pianos. We carry Bösendorfer pianos which is one of the oldest pianos companies in the world. The Bösendorfer piano has a richness and warmth that embodies the Viennese sound. With it being the holiday season, you have more people enjoying piano and music.

Yamaha offers the perfect blend between traditional acoustic pianos as well as incorporating technology into pianos. This is inevitably where music education is going now so it’s really our responsibility to be able to segue that over into a real instrument rather than them just simply thinking that they’re going to learn how to play from a toy. The Yamaha Disklavier Reproducing Piano is the perfect marriage of both the acoustic piano technology as well as having technology-enabled components that don’t take away anything from the acoustic experience.

You can be able to record music seamlessly from the Disklavier and it will playback your recording without any change because it’s a real reproduction of your recording. You also have the ability to put on headphones on the Disklavier piano so that anyone that is not listening to the headphones can’t hear you, but you’re hearing everything that you’re producing into the piano. Disklavier TVs recreating a live performance where you can actually be able to sit and watch the Disklavier and see a video of a performance of the Piano Guys or Sarah McLaughlin or Elton John and your piano is playing everything that is being shown on the TV.

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