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Schimmel Pianos

Since 1885, Schimmel has been building pianos with passion and artistic craftsmanship.

Solich Piano is proud to offer the Schimmel piano brand at both our Columbus and Cleveland locations in Ohio, our Detroit location in Michigan, and our Pittsburgh location in Western Pennsylvania

Wilhelm Schimmel built his first piano in 1885. Inspired by a pioneer spirit and single-minded perseverance, his maxims were always oriented to the expectations of his customers. They could hear and feel the love and care with which his instruments were built and how they were up to standards of tone quality and touch. Up until today nothing has changed in this respect. Craftsmanship continues. Solich Piano is pleased to offer these fine pianos and welcome your inquiries.

Schimmel Grand Pianos

Popular Models | Konzert Series

Concert grand and upright pianos for the highest demands – making every tone a concert experience.

The Konzert instruments combine experience and skill with our most innovative ideas. The result is uncompromising grand and upright pianos “Made in Braunschweig” for concert use, instruments that want to be challenged. Exquisite materials, long maturing cycles, craftsmanship of our master piano builders and the most modern manufacturing techniques in material processing are just a few of the quality attributes of these outstanding instruments.

Konzert Series

Schimmel K280 Tradition
Schimmel K280 Grand Piano
The K280 concert grand piano takes the leadership position as...
Schimmel K256 Tradition
Schimmel K256 Grand Piano
This is the perfect model for medium-sized concert halls, churches...
Schimmel K230 Tradition
Schimmel K230 Grand Piano
The K230 has received rave reviews from a number of...
Schimmel K219 Grand Piano
The Konzert Collection from Schimmel is an impressive range of...
Schimmel K195 Grand Piano
The K195 grand pianos is impeccable example of longstanding piano...

Classic and Wilhelm Series

Schimmel Classic C169 baby grand piano
Schimmel C169 Grand Piano
Even with the smallest Classic C169 grand piano we do...
Schimmel Classic C189 Grand Piano
Schimmel C189 Grand Piano
The medium-sized grand piano meets the high expectations of pianists...
Schimmel C213 Grand Piano
Schimmel's Classic series 7 foot C213 is specifically inspired by...
Wilhelm W206 Grand Piano
This mid-sized Wilhelm Schimmel grand piano follows the lead of...
Wilhelm Schimmel W180 Grand Piano
Wilhelm W180 Grand Piano
Simple elegance and traditional piano manufacturing meet in our small...

Schimmel Upright Pianos

The same sound characteristics is achieved in all grand and upright pianos of the Konzert series as in the large concert grand K 280. In addition, the design of the large K 280 action has been transferred identically in the smaller grand pianos. The vertical piano actions have been optimized in accordance with the grand piano actions in order to enable the pianist to achieve almost the same speed of repetition as with a grand piano.

Schimmel Classic C130 upright piano
Schimmel C130 Upright Piano
The unostentatiously elegant C130 Tradition is one of the great...
William Schimmel W118 Upright Piano
Schimmel W118 Upright Piano
Mid-sized Wilhelm Schimmel upright piano is perfect for any occasion....
Schimmel K122 Upright Piano
The periodical Le Monde de la Musique describes the piano...
Schimmel K125 Upright Piano
Offering a unique musical experience, Schimmel's K125 is an impressive...
Schimmel K132 Upright Piano
The K132 Tradition upright piano showcases a combination of the...

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