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In the article from Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, our COO, Kyle Merritt, provides some perspective on the value of music in the home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic — a time of hardship and uncertainty — music has become a universal language for families across the country, showing the importance of connecting with one another.
There are so many advantages to exploring the world of music-making for the first time. All you have to do is strike the first chord, sing the first note and play the first key to discover it for yourself.

Why should my child play an instrument right now?  

Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful time in anyone’s life, whether your child is learning how to play the piano for the first time or you’re revisiting the guitar as an adult.

Music-making, by its very nature, is therapeutic and can help your family through these unthinkable times in more ways than you might realize. Whether you’re playing an instrument or singing together, music can increase happiness, cultivate creativity and keep the mind active. More importantly, it can help release deep-seated emotions and relieve stress.

Music also is a means to family socialization and a wonderful way to bring your family closer together. Now that we’re finding a surplus of extra time in our day, why not take this time to bring the joy of music-making into your home?

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