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In the article from Trib Live our owner, Thomas Solich, shares about his passion for piano and how it relates to the Pittsburgh Opera.

Article Excerpt:

Thomas Solich learned to play the piano by reading Braille, a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who have low vision.

He can’t see the more than 100 stunning instruments in the room as they sit idle, waiting for a musician to make them sing again.

“But I can feel them,” said Solich, owner of Solich Piano, based in Youngstown/Boardman, Ohio area and the official piano provider of Pittsburgh Opera. “The cumulative potential of the musical possibilities here is infinite. There are so many memories from past sales here. The families who come are all impacted by the music. They are not just buying a piano from a store. They are buying a piano with a story – that will eventually become their story.”

The annual Pittsburgh Opera piano sale is Thursday through Sunday at the opera’s home in the Strip District. Solich Piano loans the instruments for rehearsals, concerts, auditions and live performances for one season.
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