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Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185

Piano Size: 6' 1" Grand Piano

6′ 1″ Premium Grand

Connecting private space with public appearance. Bösendorfer with profound sound volume, bright radiance and distinctive colours: the sound of a Bösendorfer Grand.

Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185

Product Description

Bosendorfer 185 size diagram

The Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185 is a true cosmopolitan: whether being your personal musical partner at home, a studio grand or as a concert instrument for the selected audience, this Bösendorfer Grand captivates any environment.
  • Length 6’1″
  • Width 4’11”
  • Weight 721lbs
  • 88 Keys
Austrian quality, Viennese soul

Resonance case technology and solid spruce rim construction for advanced projection
Independent Capo d’Astro for perfect adjustment in the descant registry
Sophisticated processing of European raw materials exclusively
Resonance body out of Austrian tone wood spruce
Hand spun Bösendorfer bass strings
Handcrafted in Austria
Single stringing
3 pedals

Bosendorfer 185 grand piano

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