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Seiler ED 186

Piano Size: 6' 2" Grand Piano

Seiler ED 186

Product Description

Weight: 705 lbs lbs

Height: 40 1/2″

Width: 60″

Cabinet length: 6′ 1″

Pinblock: 20 Ply, Beech

Tuning Pins: Nickel Plated Cut threads, German Rod Steel

Hammers: Finest Quality German Felt, Abel, “T” Wired

Action: Renner, Hornbeam Rail

Soundboard: Winter Cut White Spruce, Solid Spruce, “Membrator” System

Soundboard Area: 2046 sq. in.

Ribs: White Spruce, Pre-curved, Notched to inner rim

No.# 1 Bass String: 55 1/3″

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