Used Digital Pianos

With the advances made in digital technology over the years, music and sound quality have also advanced. Used digital pianos have reached the point where it’s difficult to tell the difference between the classic sound of a grand piano and that of a used digital piano. 

Unlike other piano types, digital pianos have the highest level of control over the type of sound you want to hear. You can emulate all kinds of pianos from clavichords to grand pianos and even other instruments like guitars and drums. This enables you to create an entire band of music just through a digital piano.  

Used digital piano sound quality really depends on the company and the type of loaded piano sounds the piano comes with. Usually the higher the price point, the better the sound quality and key feel the piano has. Some digital pianos even come with pedals to control the sound of the digital piano further. 

For 88 note pianos, digital pianos (and used digital pianos) are typically 51-57 inches long. They are also the smallest type of piano overall since all the sound comes through digitally and therefore doesn’t need as much storage space for all the physical components. Because of this, they are perfect for small apartment spaces and small homes. Many even come with the ability to play with headphones so that they don’t disturb others while playing. 

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