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Used grand pianos still hold a tune very well and are a much more affordable option for many people who still want the distinctive high-quality sound of a grand piano. Grand pianos are often the go-to choice for many people who want to learn piano due to the level of control a pianist has over the sound. To complement that, they also produce a fuller and richer sound than most types of pianos due to their large soundboard.

If volume matters to picking a piano, choose this type. New and used grand pianos offer much more volume when their top is open than other types of pianos. This is because they were originally designed to play in large theatres and needed to be heard by everyone, regardless of their distance to the stage. Due to their design, the sound quality remains top-notch when they’re open.

This type of piano is by far the largest and the total floor space needed for the smallest grand should be at least 152cm (5ft) wide by 198cm (6.5ft) long, including bench space. They weigh a significant amount too from 500lbs to 1200lbs. New baby grand pianos offer a smaller size while uncompromising in sound if space is more of an issue.

New and used grand pianos offer the top level of sound quality in the industry. Used grand pianos, in particular, should not be discounted for providing first-rate sound and will still hold up for many years of playing countless songs.

Baldwin L Grand Piano
American made Baldwin grand. Enjoyable to play. This instrument would...
Brodmann CE175 0001150 grand pianoBrodmann CE175 0001150 grand piano side view
Brodmann CE175
5'9" Grand Piano with a beautiful ebony polish finish
Yamaha DC6 grand piano front keysYamaha DC6 grand piano front right angle view
Yamaha C6 Disklavier
Beautiful Yamaha Grand piano is a conservatory-level piano for even...
Yamaha DGH1 5909898 player pianoYamaha DGH1 5909898 player piano side angle
Yamaha DGH1 Disklavier
5'3 Grand Piano with a Polished Mahogany finish. Features Disklavier...
Yamaha DGC1 M3 player pianoSolich Piano Yamaha DGC1 M3 player grand piano side view
Yamaha DGC1 M3
Yamaha DGC1 player piano is in beautiful condition!
Baldwin F 116459 grand pianoBaldwin F 116459 grand piano left angle
Baldwin Model F
American made Baldwin grand in satin black. A great choice...
Young Chang G175 Walnut
Beautiful Young Chang grand with polished walnut finish
Steinway B 114863 grand pianoSteinway B 114863 grand piano alt view
Steinway Model B Grand Piano
Steinway and Sons Model B lives up to its name...
Boston GP156 151517 (2) baby grand front viewBoston GP156 151517 baby grand piano left angle
Boston GP156 with PianoDisc
Stunning Boston GP156 featuring warm, rich tone and responsive touch
Solich Piano Hallet Davis GD160 Grand PianoSolich Piano Hallet Davis GD160 Grand Piano top left angle view
Hallet Davis GD160
Beautiful Hallet Davis ebony polish piano with QRS PNOMATION 2...
Solich Piano Yamaha G1 Grand Piano J3810043 front viewSolich Piano Yamaha G1 Grand Piano J3810043 top view
Yamaha G1 PE Grand Piano
Yamaha G1 was made in the mid-80s. Features a clear...
Hamilton H396 baby grand front view keysHamilton H396 baby grand front view
Hamilton H396 Baby Grand
Built by the well-known Baldwin company, this is an affordable...
Used Steinway Model B Louis XV grand pianoUsed Steinway Model B Louis XV grand piano right angle view
Steinway Model B Louis XV
One of a kind Steinway and Sons piano with art-case....
Young Chang G-200
Beautiful polished ebony finish with warm, rich tone.

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