Upright Pianos

Used upright pianos are the perfect choice for aspiring musicians that want to learn how to play the piano at a more affordable price point. Plus, due to their more compact size (without compromising on sound), they’re an excellent choice for smaller rooms or homes. 

Because they come in a variety of models, when you’re looking for a used upright piano, it’s best to listen and play it first as each model differs slightly in construction and sound. For instance, a studio upright piano has a richer tone that makes it better for music composition. 

Upright pianos are typically between 110cm – 135cm in height, around 155cm wide and 60cm deep. Primarily, the height is the major difference between each type of model. These pianos are much lighter than most grand pianos averaging a weight between 300-500lbs.    

All used upright pianos offer great sound and can be transported more easily than other types of pianos due to their design. 

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