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(July 20, 2017) The benefits of music education in childhood have been proven time and time again. According to National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, children who study music achieve larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills, higher standardized test scores, and higher attendance rates, among other things.

Solich describes himself as primarily a music educator and a pianist, and then a retailer. “I’m an advocate of music education, I’m a performer, and yes, I happen to be a piano retailer.”

“We see such a correlation between music and math, music and medicine, music and the STEM fields,” he says. “Music truly helps at every stage, from when a child is developing in the womb, after being born, and all the way up through adult life. Music develops all sorts of different parts of the brain.

“I think that we’re doing our children a huge disservice if we don’t give them structured music in the same way we give them math or reading or science,” Solich adds.

[Excerpted from Northeast Ohio Parent magazine]

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